Chair: A/Prof Chris Askew & Dr Christine Fawcett

Welcome and introduction
A/Prof Chris Askew
Dr Christine Fawcett

Healthy Aging: Examining factors which limit exercise performance in health and disease
Prof Norman Morris

Part 1: Diet, nutrition and chronic disease

Omega-3 fatty acids improve erythrocyte fatty acid profile in patients with small abdominal aortic aneurysm: a randomised controlled trial
A/Prof Fraser Russell

Diet quality, uraemic toxins and microbiome: Investigation of novel risk factors in chronic kidney disease
Catherine McFarlane

Taste preference drives adherence to a low sodium diet in patients with early chronic kidney disease
Dr Hattie Wright

Part 2: Management of older patients

The predictive validity of the interRAI ED screener for predicting re-presentation within 28 days for older adults at a regional hospital emergency department
Andrea Taylor

The impacts of ageing on anaemia tolerance and patient blood management
Geoff Simon

How satisfied are patients who have an acute exacerbation of COPD and receive all or part of their acute care at home, under the supervision of a respiratory specialist nurse led team?
Jane Neil

Part 3: Rehabilitation and exercise

Whole body vibration exercise – a viable exercise-tool for frail populations?
Dr Daniel Wadsworth

The effect of rehabilitation environments on activity and social contacts – the MONACT study
Dr Ingrid Rosbergen

Optimising exercise prescription to prevent cognitive decline in older adults
Dr Mia Schaumberg

Panel discussion/Q & A
Dr Daniel Wadsworth
Dr Mia Schaumberg

Dr Ingrid Rosbergen
Prof Norman Morris

Introduction to the healthy ageing cluster
A/Prof Chris Askew

Close and thank you
A/ Prof Chris Askew
Dr Christine Fawcett

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