Chair: Dr Lauren Kearney

Dr Lauren Kearney

Evaluation of a paediatric inter-facility transfer initiative for acutely unwell children in regional Queensland: Standardised Workflow for Inter-Facility Transfer of Kids (SWIFTKids)
Dr Clare Thomas

Reducing waitlists while increasing quality of care: Implementation of a transdisciplinary advanced allied health and medical service for school aged neurodevelopmental and behavioural outpatient clinics
Ms Julie Creen

The PREMTiME study: Early predication of typical outcome and mild development delay for prioritisation of service delivery in very preterm and very low birth weight infants
Ms Rebecca Caesar

Establishing a regional paediatric video fluoroscopic swallow study (VFSS) clinic via Telehealth to improve outcomes for Sunshine Coast children with oro-pharyngeal dysphagia
Ms Susanne King

Q&A Discussion with paediatric presenters

Perinatal anxiety: Women’s lived experiences informing excellence in mental health care
Dr Zalia Powell

The Longitudinal Adolescent Brain Study: An overview of initial findings
Prof Daniel Hermens

Cyberbullying from a neurobiological perspective: Pilot results of cyberbystanders using functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Dr Larisa McLoughlin

Combatting Anxiousness in Learning Minds (CALM Study)
Ms Michelle Kennedy

Q&A Discussion with mental health presenters

Final remarks
Dr Lauren Kearney

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