Using observational video simulation to improve quality health outcomes
Dr Terri Downer PhD, RN/RM, Associate Professor Patrea Anderson, PhD, RN, Alex Spencer, RN, Kerry Wilcox, RN.

A model of excellence in the diagnostic and post-diagnostic services for children at risk of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder through collaboration between the Child Development Service (CDS) and a student Occupational Therapy Service.
Nicole Amos (Speech Pathologist, Child Development Service, Sunshine Coast Hospital & Health Service) and Catherine Hilly (Occupational Therapist, Clinical Placement Trainer, University of the Sunshine Coast)

Working in Partnership : Education providers and Healthcare agencies
Dr Judith Needham  and Ms Valda Frommolt

The ESCCaPE TrialEnabling Safe and Close Care in Postnatal Environments: A Pilot
Professor Jeanine Young . Dr Lauren Kearney . Ms Cheryl Rutherford . Ms Stephanie Cowan . Dr Kendall George . Mrs Joanne Hoey

What are the health and well-being outcomes of using an e-bike as an alternative mode of transport?
Dr. Carina Anderson, Prof Corneel Vandelanotte, Danielle Clarkson, Virginia Howie

Complementary and alternative medicine use in kidney transplant recipients
Laura DeSouza

Analysis and improvement of the human factors and handover process of critically unwell resus patients in the emergency department
Dr Oscar Wigginton, Dr Andrew Hobbins-King

Multimodal MRI of myalgic encephalomyelitis chronic fatigue syndrome CE/CFS
Thu Andersen, Abdalla Z Mohamed, Richard Kwiatek, peter Del fante, Jim Lagopoulos, Daniel Hermes, Sandeep Bhuta, Vince Calhoun, Zack Shan

Interactive blood glucose management platform for women with gestational diabetes: a pilot study
Sophie Poulter, Nina Meloncelli, Michele Mack, Rebekah Shakhovskoy, Elise Gilbertson

How has changing the diagnostic criteria for GDM imapacted perinatal outcomes in Queensland
Nina Meloncelli, Adrian Barnett, Michael D’Emden, Susan de Jersey

Opioid prescribing practice in paediatric inpatients at Sunshine Coast University Hospital
Dr Kathryn Dayaram, Dr Clare Thomas

Prioritisation of health needs: Testing of the Hanlon Method
Amanda Glenwright, Dr Angela E Carberry

A new approach to non-urgent dermatology: Clinical photographs and their ole within GP SmartReferrals
Dr Hannah Gribbin, Dr Sebastiaan Lambooy, Dr Alexander Tedman, Dr Leith Banney. Sunshine Coast University Hospital

The effect of cuff occlusion duration on contrast-enhanced ultrasound measures of skeletal muscle microvascular flow
Grace Young; Kim Greaves; David Chang; J Hwan Lam; Digby Krastins; Yuri Kriel; Fraser Russell; Tony Stanton; Christopher Askew

Utilising a simulation-based teaching strategy in physiotherapy to develop and maintain competency of the paediatric critical care service in a developing tertiary health service
Kate McCleary

The development of a collaborative innovative multi-disciplinary team in a newly establsihed mixed adult and pardiatric Care Unit and the advantages of such – from the allied health perspective
Kate McCleary